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FabriTales - AR for Android/iOS

Adventure on textile - Developed for Nogili

Get ready to be amazed and to amaze your loved ones with a magical, engaging experience:
• Scan characters from the beautiful, original world ofNogili’s textile designs
• Watch the characters come to life as watercolor animated paintings! 
• It all happens right on top of your favoriteNogili blanket, bed sheet or duvet cover, in the kids’ bedroom, with AR technology.
• Get closer to the animated characters to see the drawings in detail, or farther away for a wide shot that captures the scene in full
• Surround the scene with your device camera and watch it from different angles!
• Enjoy beautiful, relaxing music and the sounds of nature as the magic unfolds.
• The app works only with Nogili’s graphics, available on Nogili.Com, on all organic blankets, fitted sheets, duvet covers, and other products as well.


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